OzJS Project

OzJS is NOT yet another script loader, but a microkernel that provides sorely-missing module mechanism at runtime (that means it mainly works at language-level, not file-level. Use Ozma.js to process files statically at build time based on the same mechanism) for large/complex javascript program, compatible with the de facto standards (AMD, NodeJS/CommonJS and traditional module pattern).

Even better, it was implemented earlier than the well-known RequireJS, so there are differences between similar APIs in philosophy and approach, which bring more value.

The API and code of oz.js are minimalist and stable. It won’t add new features that aren’t truly needed (It’s absolutely bad practice to meet new requirements through new configuration options or new plugins for a module mechanism provider!).

The OzJS Project now focuses on providing bundles of powerful and yet micro-framework friendly AMD modules.


  • iStatic
  • grunt-dispatch
  • karma-ozjs
  • grunt-ozjs
  • Grunt-furnace
  • OzmaJS


It is time to stop using All-in-One JavaScript library or framework which bundle all functionalities and solutions within a single global namespace.

OzJS Project provides plenty of tiny, mutually independent, single purpose modules to help you build(mix and match) your own MVC(or suchlike) framework.

UI Components

  • DarkDOM
  • Moui
  • Momo
  • ChoreoJS
  • CardKit